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Trevor Crane
(Drums/ Vocals)


Spencer Tomlinson
(Lead Vocals/ Guitar) 


Bradley “James” Lambert
(Lead Guitar/ Vocals)


Kyle Stegen
(Bass/ Vocals)


“Invest in an artist that can make a difference… it’s what the audience needs right now. “

- Sue Tyler (Power 104-Kelowna’s Best Rock)

Based out of Vancouver British Columbia, Spendo is made up of four like-hearted, experienced multi-instrumentalists. Sharing a love and passion for modern and classic rock, they exude a 1970’s California vibe, drawing inspiration and paying respect to the music of that timeless era. Live, the band consistently delivers a tight, engaging, feel good performance that leaves the audience craving more.  


Following the release of their seven-track EP “Waiting For Years...” in May 2018, Spendo spent the next two years headlining hometown shows, playing festival dates in Toronto and touring the interior of BC. After introducing a new lineup in March 2020, they found themselves in a state of involuntary hibernation (along with the rest of the world). Clearing a busy summer’s worth of shows from their calendar, they instead devoted all that time and energy into writing new material and recording with Canadian producer Danny Craig (Default, One Bad Son). The new single “Fighter” released on Dec 28th, 2021 revels a sample of what the boys have up their sleeves.   


Fueled by more than a year’s worth of pent-up creative drive, Spendo is excited to reintroduce themselves into the “Great Unknown.”

Spendo Music

“I believe they have what it takes to get to the next level. They are great people, they have a kick ass show and I believe they’re going places.”

- Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith) 

"If you are looking for a band that rocks hard- that plays laid back funky grooves as well as heavy blues based grooves- with killer harmonies- this is the band for you!! The world is in need of a band like Spendo!!! " 

-Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult) 

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